Adding Additional Emails to Account Management Portal (AMP)

Adding Additional Emails to AMP

Adding additional emails to the Account Management Portal can ensure that you do not experience any disruptions with your account. Having at least one personal email in the Account Management Portal will allow you to send yourself a password reset link and quickly reset your password. 

Enroll with a Computer

Enroll with a Phone

Desktop View:

1. Navigate to the Account Management Portal

2. Login using your username and password then select the appropriate domain. (Student or Faculty)

Login Screen with Yellow Arrow Pointed at Log In Option.

3. Authenticate your login with Duo Mobile. 

4. When signing in:

  • If you are an employee the default landing page will be the "Change Password" page. This does NOT mean you need to change your password, please navigate to the "Enrollment" tab.
  • If you are a student, the default landing page is the "Enrollment" page as shown below.

There should be the CPCC email by default, to add a personal email address, click add email:

Enrollment Verification Methods Screen with Red Arrow Directed to Add Email Option

5. Enter your personal email address and send a verification code to it:

Email Verification Screen with box for inputting personal email and then the code sent via email.

6. Retrieve the code from your email and enter it in the field then click Verify Code. That email address will now appear in your listed email verifications.

Mobile view:

1. Navigate to the Account Management Portal in your browser. 

*Please note that Google Chrome or Firefox are preferred browsers, if you encounter any issues when using Safari please try switching browsers. 

2. Login using your username and password then select the appropriate domain. (Student or Faculty)
*If you are having issues logging in with the mobile site or are getting an error stating "you are not completely enrolled to use this service" please try using the desktop site. 

Mobile View of AMP

3. You may be asked to Authenticate with Duo or be taken directly to the change password screen. 
*Note- You do NOT have to change your password on this screen. 

4. Navigate to the person icon in the top right and select "Enrollment" 

Change Password Screen with Arrow Pointing to Person Icon

5. Select the icon with the email and phone image, and then you will select the green "+" icon to add a new personal email. 

An Enrollment Screen with Options to Add An Email

6. An empty box will appear and once you type in your personal email you will be given an "enrollment details updated successfully" message. 

Enrollment Screen with an option to enter a new email address in a blank white box.

Enrollment details updated successfully message.

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