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Download files from a Shared Google Drive and move them to a department H drive folder or OneDrive. 


Manager role in Google Shared Drive
Access to H drive folder



Downloading Shared Drive Files

Within the Google Shared Drive, scroll down to the bottom of the list and press SHIFT A to highlight all the files within the shared drive. Click the three vertical dots and select Download, as shown in the screenshot below:

Shared Drive Download Screenshot

This will initiate a download of all the files in the shared drive. 

Once it has finished downloading, locate the downloaded zip file within the Downloads folder:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
To unzip the file: Right-click the zipped file and select Extract All:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
Extract zip screenshot

An unzipped folder will be created in the downloads folder:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Once extracted, copy the folder to OneDrive or a Departmental H-Drive folder. 

Copying to a Departmental H-Drive folder

Open a new File Explorer window and navigate to the desired H drive folder. Click and drag the folder or copy and paste the folder into the H drive folder.

Copying to OneDrive

To copy the folder to OneDrive, go to and sign in. Click on the Add new button in the upper left corner then select Folder Upload:

Upload folder to onedrive
A window will appear allowing you to choose the folder and click Upload.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Alternatively, drag and drop the folder into My Drive to upload it.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Files from a Google Shared Drive are downloaded and copied to a departmental H drive folder or OneDrive.


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