Live Event Support

To request Audio-Visual live event support please use the AV Live Event Support form on the right side navigation.  When completing the form select which of the following services you would need.  

AV Live Event Support Services

Note:  Live Streaming/Recording and Meeting/Presentation Support require an IT staff member to be a part of the event and take resources away from other technical support needs. We ask that you submit these request 2 weeks prior to the event date so accommodations can be made to provide an IT staff member.

  • Live Streaming/Recording:  Streaming/Recording can only be performed in the below locations.  Some rooms are setup for self-service video cameras and the theaters have staff that can provide video camera support.  ITS will coordinate the streaming services for your live event through Panopto.  When you select this service and prior to the event an IT staff will reach out to you and provide a streaming link that can be shared with others to view the event.  On the event date an IT staff will ensure the stream is working properly once the event gets started, but may not stay for the whole event.  
    • Streaming locations:
      • Halton Theater
      • Parr Theater
      • Georgia Tucker Theater (Not Available at this time due to equipment failures)
      • North Classroom Building 1123
  • Meeting/Presentation Support:  If you have a need for IT support to be available to provide support during a high profile event please select this option.  Typically, we'd meet with the requestor to go over the technology prior to the event.  Providing IT staff to assist during the event is limited.  You can also make this selection when you need a room's technology checked prior to an event.
  • Multi-Purpose Room -  Projector Screen Combination:  The following rooms allow for the projectors to be combined with one computer across all rooms.  When this functionality is needed please make this selection on the form.  
    • Central Campus:
      • Parr 0060/070
      • Parr 1000/1010/1050
Live Event Support


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