Secure Our World - Social Media Safety

Secure Our World – Social Media Safety

Information you volunteer on social media sites can be used against you; such as, your birthday, workplace, family connections, recent vacations, etc. can be pieced together to build a comprehensive profile to steal your identity, your money, or even blackmail you.


Types of Social Media Threats:

  • Impersonation: Cybercriminals create fake profiles, imitating you or someone you know, to deceive friends or colleagues. 
  • Information Harvesting: Malicious actors may use quizzes, games, or applications that request access to your profile. Once granted, they can mine personal data. 
  • Malicious Links: Posts or messages containing links that, once clicked, could install malware, or lead to fraudulent websites. 
  • Geotagging: Revealing your location can notify would-be burglars when you are not home or give stalkers your whereabouts. 


Steps for a Safer Social Media Experience:

  • Review Privacy Settings: Regularly check and adjust your privacy settings. Ensure that your posts are visible only to trusted friends or connections. 
  • Think Before Posting: Think of the long-term implications. Once online, it is difficult to erase your digital footprint completely. 
  • Limit Personal Information: Avoid sharing specifics like home address, phone number, or other identifiable details. 
  • Beware of Unsolicited Messages: Even if they come from familiar faces, verify any unexpected or suspicious requests via another communication channel. 
  • Recognize Fake Profiles: Be wary of accepting friend requests from unknown accounts. Verify the identity of the requester before connecting.
  • Use Strong, Unique Passwords: Protect your accounts with robust passwords and use different passwords for different platforms. 
  • Activate Multi-Factor Authentication: Many platforms now offer this added layer of security. Use it to ensure that only you can access your account. 
  • Regularly Update Apps: Developers release security patches to protect against vulnerabilities. Keep your social media apps up to date.
  • Stay Informed: Cybersecurity threats evolve, as do the features and policies of social media platforms. Regularly educate yourself to stay safe. 


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