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This category contains support services for telecommunications, videoconferencing, email accounts, Google Workspace, Central Piedmont apps & websites, and special events.

This category includes hardware and software support for all college-issued computers, printers, scanners, and mobile devices. Cloud desktop support, e-cycling services, technology purchasing consultation, and workstation replacement may also be requested here.

This category contains services that support system security and data integrity. Information security vulnerabilities and incidents should be reported here.

This category contains support services for student, faculty, & staff information systems (MyCollege), data, reporting, & analytics systems (Colleague, Informer, etc.), document & signature management systems (DocuSign & ImageNow), medical & health information systems (e.g. Eaglesoft), and room scheduling systems (Ad Astra).

This category includes business relationship management, change management, digital accessibility, enterprise management, project management, and TeamDynamix support services.

This category contains support services for learning management systems (including Brightspace & its integrated services), lecture recording (Panopto), and smart classroom technology (projectors, speakers, etc.). Course technology setup requests may also be submitted here.

This category contains support services for Central Piedmont student, faculty, staff, and contractor accounts. It consists of general account services (activation, passwords, unlocks, etc.), HR-specific services (new hires and separations), and employee network storage access requests (H, J, U, & W drives). Additionally, requests for guest account creation may be submitted here.

This category consists of support services for wired and wireless networking.

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General / Other

Space for requesting a service which does not fall under any other category, service, or service offering. When possible, please utilize our categorized service catalog to aid us in processing your request as efficiently as possible. You may also use the search bar located at the top right of the page to locate a particular service or service offering.