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Services or Offerings?
Support for Citrix Workspace cloud desktops and their constituent applications. Cloud desktop access requests may also be submitted here.

Cybersecurity incidents, threats, or vulnerabilities which have affected or could potentially affect the college should be reported here.

Inquiries and requests relating to the accessibility of an ITS service may be submitted here.

Support for Central Piedmont's student, faculty, staff, contractor, and departmental Gmail mailboxes. Requests for technical support, classlist creation or modification, and departmental mailbox creation & ownership changes may be submitted here.

Space for requesting a service which does not fall under any other category, service, or service offering. When possible, please utilize our categorized service catalog to aid us in processing your request as efficiently as possible. You may also use the search bar located at the top right of the page to locate a particular service or service offering.

Support for the Account Management Portal (password resets & locked accounts), Activator (student account activation / reactivation), Duo (two-factor authentication), general login issues, and name change requests.

Support for our Google Workspace applications (Calendar, Docs, Meet, Sheets, & Slides).

Hardware troubleshooting (e.g. black screen, Windows won't start, etc.) for all college-issued computers and mobile devices.

Support for Brightspace & its integrated services, the Course Administration Webtools, and all other college-supported learning management systems.

Support for Panopto, Central Piedmont's designated lecture recording system.

Support for digital signage and the Rave Mobile Safety automated emergency alert system.

Support for electronic clinic, health record, and pharmacy management systems such as Eaglesoft and PioneerRx. Also includes medical training and simulation systems such as CAE and Shadow Health.

Space for requesting access to or support for departmental storage (H-drives), shared application storage (J-drives), individual employee storage (U-drives), Google drives (W-drives), and all other network storage (Z-drive etc.).

Support for fax machines, MFP cloud printing (including the PrintAnywhere system), network printers, and scanners.