User Accounts

This category contains support services for Central Piedmont student, faculty, staff, and contractor accounts. It consists of general account services (activation, passwords, unlocks, etc.), HR-specific services (new hires and separations), and employee network storage access requests (H, J, U, & W drives). Additionally, requests for guest account creation may be submitted here.

Services (3)

General Account Services

Support for the Account Management Portal (password resets & locked accounts), Activator (student account activation / reactivation), Duo (two-factor authentication), general login issues, and name change requests.

Network Storage

Space for requesting access to or support for departmental storage (H-drives), shared application storage (J-drives), individual employee storage (U-drives), Google drives (W-drives), and all other network storage (Z-drive etc.).

Other Account Issues

Support for miscellaneous account issues which do not fall under any of the above services.