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To be installed on your CPCC desktop: Browser plugin

Why Conceal: Adds comprehensive malware protection to browsers via a lightweight browser extension. In layman’s terms, it “prevents the happy clicker” from malicious downloads and ransomware. This tool will enable users to continue browsing even if the site is considered or marked as bad. The isolation mode allows you to browse in a protected shell.  No malicious downloads or ransomware will be installed on your protected device. Conceal also includes credential theft prevention. This feature blocks you from logging into a website that appears to be legitimate to the eye.


  • Prevents you from going to malicious sites.  Prevents from downloading malware, ect.. 
  • This product also protects users from their credentials being stolen. 
  • Blocks malicious downloads and gives warnings of potential download issues.
  • Places user in isolation mode when a potentially bad website is activated. This allows you to browse in a virtual shell. No harm to your device. This is called the Isolation Environment.

When: January 25, 2024, CPCC ITS department will install this on your current IT-managed devices.

What you will notice: 

  1. Icon at top of Desktop. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  2. Normal website browsing, no conceal response.
  3. Bad website browsing, conceal will put you into an isolation session that you can continue to use the site.  You can continue to use this site.  

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

NOTE:  Isolation mode means conceal has determined the URL is a potential bad site however, isolation allows you to continue to work in this protected shell. If this is a site you feel is a good site or you will need to use in the future, please report this site to the CPCC Service Desk to be further reviewed. A Service Ticket is required.

Your Actions:  Firefox Browser Only - After the initial installation of Conceal, when you launch your Firefox browser, you will be asked to Allow Conceal. Please select Enable Permissions.  You will not see any other user actions with Chrome or Edge.

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If you experience any issues that appear to be related to Conceal, please submit service desk ticket via the client portal. 


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