Enrolling and Using a Yubikey for Duo

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Register Yubikey

To enroll in the college's multi-factor authentication solution using a YubiKey, please follow the below instructions:

1. Navigate to the Duo Device Management Portal .

2. Login using your CPCC email and password. 

3. Select Add a Device. 
Image of Duo Device Homepage with "Add a Device" highlighted inside blue box

4. Select "Security Key" 

Select Option Screen with "security key" highlighted inside blue box

5. Select "Continue" 

prompt asking to set up security key with continue option

6. Select "Security key" from options. Use Security Key Prompt with pop up screen asking to choose where to save a passkey

7. You should see your username displayed on this screen, then select "OK".Security Key Set up Screen with option to select "ok"

8. Select "OK".Screen with Continue Set Up Prompt

9. Insert your security key into the USB Port. Continue Set Up Prompt Asking to Insert Key

10.  Touch the circle on your security key when it lights up. Continue Set Up Prompt Asking to Touch Key

11. You will receive this message that your passkey was saved successfully. Passkey Saved Message.

12. Your security key will be added to your account and will display in your Device Management Portal. ​​​​​​​Added Security Key Success Message

Using Yubikey

1. Once the Yubikey has been registered, you will this screen when logging into Duo. 

Making sure it's you prompt with instructions to touch Yubikey

2. Insert the Yubikey into a USB port (make sure the gold side faces inside) and touch it.
Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)3. The Yubikey should start blinking, simply touch the gold circle with the key symbol on it and it should authenticate.

**If the yubikey is already inserted, you simply need to touch the gold circle key when it blinks.

Smartphone- Yubikey Adapter 

You can also authenticate on your Smartphone using a USB adapter such as those shown below:

Two smartphone-compatible USB-A to USB-C adapters arranged side-by-side.

To set up smartphone-based Yubikey authentication, please follow the steps below:

1. Plug the Yubikey into a smartphone-compatible USB adapter (see image above for appearance).

2. Plug the USB with the Yubikey attached into the smartphone.

3. Your security key will begin to blink. Place your finger on the key and it will allow you to log in.

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