Voicemail Management Guide (Webex & Unity)

Webex Voicemail Guide

  • The voicemail tab is located in the left panel between "Calling" and "Meetings".
  • There are 3 sub-tabs under Voicemail:
    • Inbox - All messages
    • Unread - New messages
    • Trash - Deleted message 
  • Deleted messages can be purged by clicking "Empty Trash" at the bottom of the Trash tab
  • To listen to a message, select it from the list and click the play button, or right-click on the message for shortcut options and play the message.
  • Additional shortcut options include:
    • Audio Call
    • Video Call
    • Delete
    • Mark as unread

Note: Forwarding voice messages through Webex is currently not yet available from Cisco, but is planned with a future update. Please refer to the Unity Voicemail Guide for instructions on forwarding messages.


Unity Voicemail Guide

Accessing Unity Voicemail via Your Phone

  1. Press the Voice Message button on your desk phone.
  2. Enter your PIN followed by #.
  3. Once you are logged into Unity, new voicemail messages will begin playing if you have any. If there are no new messages you will be sent to the main menu.

Note: If you incorrectly enter your PIN you will be prompted to enter your phone ID. Your ID is your 11 digit phone number, if you do not know your 11 digit number, click your profile picture in Webex then select "Edit Profile", your 11 digit number should be listed under your "Work" Number.

Listening to Your Voicemail via Unity

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. Press 1 to hear new messages, or press 3 to review old messages.
  3. Use the following keys keys to manage your messages and to control playback.
    • Button - Function
    • 1 - Repeat
    • 2 - Save
    • 3 - Delete
    • 4 - Reply (send a voice message, only available for internal calls)
    • 5 - Forward
    • 6 - Mark New
    • 7 - Skip Back (Skips a message back by 5 seconds)
    • 8 - Pause Message
    • * - Cancel Message Play
    • 0 - Help (Repeats options list)

Changing Your Voicemail PIN

  1. Press the Message Button and log on.
  2. From the Main Menu press 4 > 3 >1
  3. Enter a new PIN (Password) and press #.
  4. Enter the new PIN (Password) again to confirm it and press #.

To Change Your Recorded Name

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. From the Main Menu press 4 > 3 > 2.
  3. At the tone, record your name, press # to end the recording or press * to keep the current recording.

To Record a Greeting

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. From the Main Menu press 4 > 1 > 1.
  3. After Cisco Unity plays your current greeting, press 1 to re-record it, or press 3 to record a different greeting.

To Enable or Disable a Greeting

(You can enable or disable only your alternate greeting by phone.)

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. Press 4 > 1 > 1.
  3. After Cisco unity plays your current greeting, press 2 to enable or disable your alternate greeting.

Note: When your alternate greeting is enabled, it overrides all other greetings.

To Forward a Message

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. Navigate the message by Saving (2) or Deleting (3) current messages.
  3. Once you reached the desired message press 5 to forward the message.
  4. Follow the prompts to record an introduction, address, and send the forwarded message.
  5. After you send the forwarded message, follow the prompts to handle the original message.


  • To pause or resume the recording press 8. To end the recording, press #.
  • While addressing the message, press ## to switch between spelling and number entry.
  • To address the message to a private list, enter the list number by using number entry, or, if the list has a display name in the Messaging Assistant web tool, spell the name by using a spelling entry.
  • When more than one user matches your addressing entries, Connection plays a list of matches that you can navigate quickly. Press # to select a recipient from a list; press 7 to skip to the previous name and 9 to skip to the next name; and press 77 to skip to the beginning of a list and 99 to skip to the end of a list.
  • Messages sent to the Trash will be permanently deleted after 15 days.
  • Webex and Unity are synced together, so any message deleted from one system will also be removed from the other.
  • Messages marked as “read” will be saved and not deleted.


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