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Editing or Setting Cohosts in Meetings

Cohosts will allow meetings to start without the presence of the Host. This article will show how to set Cohosts on Webex application or the Webex site.

Managing Webex meetings recordings

Managing recorded Webex meetings via the CPCC Webex site.

Save WebEx Recordings Locally

This article explains how to configure Webex to save recordings locally as opposed to the default cloud save option.

Signing into Voice Services in Webex

Instructions for signing into Webex voice services, which allows you to place and receive phone calls and voicemails directly from your workstation or while working remotely.

Unable to Edit Webex Meetings

Information on Webex Meetings that were set up using Google Calendar, using the extension

Voicemail Management Guide (Webex & Unity)

Instructions for accessing and managing your Central Piedmont voicemails.

WebEx Account/Data Retention Policy

Conditions of WebEx account and data retention after a network account is disabled.

Threading in Webex Teams

This article contains simple instructions for creating and responding to threads in Webex Teams.

Creating "link text" in messages in Webex Teams

This article explains how to create "link text" in messages in Webex Teams.