ITS New Software Review Process

New technology requests (Service Inquiries) go through an assessment process that entails meeting different College Unit requirements.  The units include Information Technology Services (ITS), Procurement, and Risk Management. Below you will see a summary of the ITS Review process.   

**Tips to consider before submitting a ticket: Discuss needs with your college unit leaders so they can clarify questions about budgets, approvals, and other issues.** 

  • The ITS Evaluation consists of the following: 

  • Step 1Submit a ticket through the TDX Client Portal 

  • Step 2: Supervisor Approval

  • Step 3: If approved, research & analysis with Business Relationship Management (BRM) will begin on the following: 

  • Identifying needs and requirements 

  • Reviewing the Service Catalog for existing solutions that could fulfill the needs of the request 

  • Research potential solutions outside of the service catalog, if needed 

  • Product Evaluation & Selection 

  • If a request is identified as a potential project, it will be evaluated by the Project Management Office and prioritized by Cabinet. 

  • ITS Internal Review   

  • Requests will be reviewed by the following departments (depending on the required implementation of the product): 

  • Infrastructure Management 

  • Cybersecurity 

  • Technical Management 

  • Service Desk 

  • Asset Management 

  • Business Relationship Management

  • Step 4: Completion of Request 

  • Product risk rating  

  • Any additional recommendations from ITS  

Please note that the ITS review process before purchase and implementation may take approximately 4-8 weeks.  If you are considering submitting a technological request, please allow sufficient time for the ITS Evaluation, the Procurement, and the Risk Management reviews.  Please be aware that additional steps may be needed when the technology has been purchased. Implementations may vary and may require coordination from other ITS teams.

For any additional questions, please contact the ITS Business Relationship Management (BRM) team.    

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