Duo Universal Prompt Guide

Duo Universal Prompt 

The transition to the new Universal Prompt will provide a simplified and more efficient authentication process, including a new user interface and improved self-service features. This change aims to enhance your authentication experience with added security and ease of use.

*Note- The login screen for Central Piedmont Cloud and Citrix Desktops will continue to use the traditional prompt. All other Central Piedmont services within the cloud will use the Universal Prompt. 

Traditional Prompt:

Screenshot of traditional Duo prompt.

Universal Prompt:

 screenshot of Duo universal prompt

What to Expect

The first time you use Duo to authenticate, Duo will choose the most secure method from any devices you have enrolled.

You can use that method or choose a different method through the new prompt's Other Options link.

Screenshot of Duo Push promptScreenshot of Duo other options prompt

After your first authentication with the new prompt, Duo will default to the method you used most recently, though you can always click the Other Options link and choose a different method from those you have set up.

*For additional information about setting up new devices to use with Duo please see Add/Remove Duo Devices Using Universal Prompt.

Trusted Devices

Previously, Duo Mobile provided the option of remembering your device for 30 days. The Duo Mobile Universal Prompt will now ask you "Is this your device". If you are on a trusted device that is not shared with others, then you can select "Yes, this is my device" and Duo will remember your authentication for 30 days.

*Note- If you are using a trusted device, then you will not have the option to authenticate and access the Device Management Portal. You will need to clear your cache and cookies or use a different browser or device to access the portal. 

Screenshot of Duo device confirmation.


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