Add/Remove Duo Devices Using Universal Prompt

Access the Duo Device Management Portal

To access to the Duo Device Management Portal, either:

  • Go to OR
  • Follow the steps below when logging into any Duo-backed application.

1. When signing in, during the Duo authentication request, select Other Options in the prompt.

*Note- If you are using a trusted device, then you will not have the option to access the Device Management Portal from Duo-backed applications. You will need to go to to access the portal. 

Screenshot of Duo verification screen

2. Then click Manage Devices at the bottom of the list of your currently enrolled devices.

Screen shot of Duo other options to log in

3. After you authenticate with Duo, the Device Management Portal will open. The portal home page shows a panel for each of the devices you have enrolled in Duo.

Image of Duo Device Manager Home

Add Another Device

To add a new method of verifying your identity in Duo, click Add a device and select one of the verification options. Duo takes you through the steps of adding the new device, just like first-time enrollment.

Screenshot of Dup prompt to add more devices


Remove a Device

To delete a device, click Edit and then Remove. You'll be able to confirm that you want to remove this device before deleting it. Once deleted, a verification device cannot be restored, but if you still have the device available you can add it again.

Note- You cannot delete your only identity verification device.

Duo screenshot of verification of remove of ID


Reactivate Duo Mobile for an Existing Device

In the panel for an existing phone device, if you have gotten a new phone and need to update Duo's settings to reflect that, click I have a new phone. On the next screen, click Text me a link. Duo will walk you through the steps to verify the Duo Mobile App on your new phone.


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