Using the Duo app on a smartphone

When signing into CPCC resources, after logging in with username and password:

Select "Send Me a Push"

You may check the box that says "Remember me for 30 days" on a trusted device such as your personal laptop or if you are on your mobile phone before selecting "Send Me a Push".

It should notify you that it is sending a push notification to your smartphone:

At this time please turn your attention to your phone.

A notification should have been sent to your personal smartphone device, prompting an input to approve and allow entry or deny the entry. This could be a dropdown banner from your notifications bar on your phone if you do not see it, please locate and open the app to see the request.

Open up the Duo app on the smartphone and select Approve to continue through signing in:

The CPCC website or resource should be logging in at this time:


**Select Deny if you know you are not currently trying to sign in to any CPCC resources



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