Multi-Factor Authentication - Use your DUO Token


This article will explain how to use your DUO token as your Multi-Factor Authentication to log into any Central Piedmont system when required.



You will need to first enroll your account for multi-factor authentication.

For tokens, please go to the ITS Service Desk in person to request a token. You will need to bring a photo ID to be issued a DUO token.  

If you would like to enroll with the mobile app, you can refer to this Knowledge Base article for how to do this:

Enrolling Your Account for Multi-Factor Authentication - Duo Mobile


  1. Your DUO token will need to be added to your account (by ITS).

Photo of Duo Token


  1. Log into your respective Central Piedmont system (MyCollege, Brightspace, Email, etc.). Enter your username and password.

Central Piedmont Login Page

  1. You will then be prompted to enter the passcode from your Duo Token. 

Duo Prompt to Enter Passcode

*Note- If you have another authentication method set up for your account, you will need to select "Other Options" and then choose the Hardware Token from the list. 

Duo Prompt to Chose a Login Method

  1. Select the Green Button on your Token to generate a passcode. 
  2. Enter the passcode on the screen. 
  3. Once done, you will have successfully used Duo to authenticate your login and you will be taken to the webpage you were attempting to access.
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