Student Guide: Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor (Chromebook Tips)

Helpful tips for Chromebook users

  • Students are highly encouraged to log into Chromebooks with Central Piedmont credentials. Example:

    • Students will be able to easily and seamlessly navigate to Brightspace and the Lockdown Browser extension is automatically available.

  • If using a CMS Chromebook, students are to use the Central Piedmont student network or home network and follow the instructions on the Student Guide: Using Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor

  • If using a personal Chromebook, students are encouraged to log out of all additional browsers and personal email accounts.  Skipping this step will prevent the software from working properly. 

Best Practices

  • A good practice to encourage is to verify that all the necessary pop-ups are enabled.

    • Please follow these steps to enable pop-ups in Chrome: 

      • From the browser window, click on "Customize and control Google Chrome."

      • Navigate to "Settings."

      • On the settings page, click on "Privacy and security."

      • On the privacy and security window, click on "Site Settings."

      • Scroll down to "Pop-ups and redirects."

      • Under "Customized behaviors," go to "Allowed to send pop-ups and use redirects."

        • To the right of this heading, click the "add" button.

        • A box will appear where you can now add your site to allow pop-ups. Click "add."

  • After this setting has been verified, the student must return to their Brightspace course to take the test.

    • Please note that, in order to take the test, the student must first launch Lockdown Browser for the intended test.  The launch button will be found once they navigate to the assessment they plan to take.  

Resources and Technical Support

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